How To Care ForThe Fainting Goat

Knowing if your goat is sick

First Aid Kit

The first thing you need to do is get a first aid kit together. The things in this kit could save your goats life. Certain things are a MUST. Many of the items can be purchased at the dollar store or even the grocery store. Lets look at what is needed. Many items are cheap and you don't have to get them at the vet. This is a basic kit.

1. A thermometer is a must! Know your goats normal vital signs and behavior.

2. A wormer- I suggest a white and a clear one. Check in your area to see which ones are working effectively. At least one is a must.

3. An antibiotic. If you can it is best to have 2 different types. Again at least one is a must.

4. 18 guage needles for giving antibiotics. Smaller needles for other medications. These are a must or you will not be able to give the thick antibiotics.

5. An assortment of syringes. 3cc,5cc,10cc, and at least 1 60cc (for drenching) .

6. Hydrogen Peroxide is a great and cheap wound cleaner.

7. A typical wound spray, or roll on.

8. Probiotics gel

9. B12 injectable or gel

10. Wound stop powder

11. Milk Of Magnesium "MOM"

12. Molasses (Karo)