How To Care ForThe Fainting Goat

Knowing if your goat is sick



There is a lot of things to learn about breeding. First you must decide which will be the right mate for your doe. You will need to be able to recognize signs of heat. You will have to decide the appropritate breeding age of your does for your program. You will need a breeding style (such as line breeding,outcrossing or inbreeding). Many breeders will use a combination. We hope we can make this all some what easier to understand.

Signs of heat/rut

Does: They will wag their tails. They will often become very vocal. They will mount their herd mates or allow themselves to be mounted. They may be lovable to another herd mate. They may show some swelling in the vuvula area or signs of pink or reddness.She may even exhibit some discharge. All this is normal.

Buck: They will blabber,paw,mount their herd mates and urinate in their beards on their face and front legs. They can smell really bad during this time of the year..

Types of Breeding Styles

Inbreeding:Breeding 2 animals that are directly related, such as mother, father, or full siblings.

Line breeding:Breeding 2 animals with a relationship in their  pedigree for a low level of selective inbreeding.

Outcrossing: Breeding 2 animals of the same breed bu with no common ancestors for the past 4-6 generations.

NEVER CROSS BREED: one breed to another.

Age of Breeding

Every breeder thinks differently on this subject.

Does need to reach maturity prior to breeding. The Fainting goat breed is a slow maturing breed. I don't breed before 18 months of age on a regular size doe.

Bucklings can breed as early as 8 weeks old. They should be weaned and removed from the moms and other girls. I prefer a buck to be around 9 months old befor I breed him. Many breeders will breed much sooner.

Buck Housing

It is best not to "run" or keep your bucks with your does year round. You will have no control over who is breed or when they will kid.It is possible to run one or more bucks together as long as no does are with them. To avoid inbreeding you will need more than one buck.

Breeding Pen

A breeding pen is handy when it is time to breed. A breeding pen is just a small area that has shelter. The  doe and buck may be housed for a short time or maybe as long as a month. Depends on her heat cycle. If you know she is in heat than she will not need to be with him long. Otherwise you will want to leave her with him for as lest a full cycle to make sure she is covered.

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